2KXL, the application for the MPC 2000Xl


interface Air

Import sounds

The aim of this software is to load the sounds easily inside the MPC 2000XL.
You can basically import sounds in 3 easy ways :
- drag one or more sounds on a pad and it will fill the next empty pad on the MPC.
- drag one or more sounds on the sample listing, and it will fill the first empty pad on the MPC.
- load sounds from the menu.

Change the names of the sounds

You can change the names of each sample by double-clicking on its name in the listing on the right.
By pressing :
- ESC you escape from the textfield.
- ENTER you save the new name.
- TAB you go to the next sample in the list.
- F1 you play the sounds. You can change all the names without using the mouse.

Change the sample on a pad

You can remove a sound on each pad by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner.
You can drag and drop a sound in the list, and place it on a pad.
You can also remove the sample from the MPC program. It won't be imported into the MPC.

Keyboard handling

You can play each pad by pressing some keys on the keyboard (on the left side of the keyboard).
As all the keyboards can be different, you can modify each shortcut in the "edit" menu for windows users and in the 2KXL menu for Mac users.


I Cant' download your app on this site

Normally, you just have to be patient. Wait for 2-3 seconds, and a window will appear on your screen. If not, you can search for it behind the front window.This is the best way to install this app.
If this doesn't work, you can :

Does this soft work on my MPC 2000 classic ?

No. It doesn't and it won't because I don't have one to test it.

Does this soft can read .APS and .ALL files ?

No. It doesn't and it won't because this is not the goal of this little software. It is easy to manage these files on the MPC, so making a soft for it is not usefull in my opinion.

Some sounds are not working on this soft. Why ?

This software uses components that can't read some of the sounds that you will read on your MPC (for example, bitrates that aren't standard ones won't read.)
If you want your sounds to be read on the software, I suggest you to use 44100Hz and 8 or 16 bits sounds.
Anyway, you can use other sounds, but they may not be readable by the software. But they will on the MPC, as the soft doesn't modify the sounds.