2KXL, the application for the MPC 2000Xl

MPC 2000XL

You have an MPC 2000 XL
and you want to load your sounds easily ?
This soft is made for you.

Download 2KXL application now.

This application requires Adobe® AIR™ to be installed for Mac OS or Windows.

icone drag Drag your sounds on the pads

You can drag the sounds from your computer onto the pads.
You can also load them from the menu. The sounds are loaded on the next empty pads.

icon save Save your program

You can save your program with the sounds, even if the sounds don't come from the same place. They will be placed in the same folder.

icone mpc Load it into the MPC

Load the folder in the MPC 2000XL. It will import all the sounds that are in the folder.
That's it ! You can play now with the sequencer.
Hope you'll enjoy !